About Allergen Accreditation

New EU Allergy legislation effective: December 2014

EU FIC 1169/2011 WILL basically affect the entire catering industry
get accredited and stay ahead!!

This new Allergen legislation was enforceable from the 13th December 2014.

Operators, including: Hotels, restaurants, take-aways, pubs, canteens, mobile/event caterers, schools, hospitals, basically the entire catering and hospitality industry, anywhere that “loose” foods are sold, will be ill prepared to respond to this legislation without prior preparation.

As consumers become more aware of the legislation they will be more inquisitive and be more demanding that operators supply them with correct allergen information or even any information about ANY ingredient that the operator supplies.  (Intolerances, religious and just not keen on...etc)

to solve both these issues, operators will be encouraged to gain Allergen Accreditation.

This will achieve two key goals:

  1. A clear message to consumers that a premises is Allergen Accredited providing confidence in the information that can be supplied to the customer and,
  2. Operators; in order to become Allergen Accredited- will need to go through various stages in order to become accredited and listed accordingly adopting new policies on ingredient purchasing, production, staff training and menu information availability to consumers coupled with Allergen Advisors on duty to meet the demands of inquiring customers.  On inspection Allergen Accredited premises will be far more ready and on the ball as opposed to non accredited operators and less likely to face fines or worse after failing any inspections.


Be Pro-active with the allergy law

The work involved in becoming Allergen Accredited will require dedicated input, staff training and involvement with other agencies to gather information as well as technical guidance. (Information must be verifiable)

Consultations with parents of a child at school can and do include medical input-this level of special diet care is important and schools/ nurseries/ welfare are especially important to this process.

Once we receive your completed application we will verify this and issue to you a certificate and window sticker subject to a correctly submitted application.  Your accreditation will commence immediately with your renewal period dated 3 years commencing at the end of the month it is issued to you.

Allergy Accredited

Allergen Accreditation