Accreditation Application Process

Once you have registered with Allergen Accreditation you will be given access to the application form. This is a step by step guide with links and tips to assist you with completing the process.

You are advised to examine this and then use our useful connections to access advisory and training services.  Each operation has its own range of complexities based on type of customer and service method.  YOU will need to access the right levels of support in order for your application to be robust and your systems and procedures to be comprehensive to meet you and your customers needs.

You will also be asked to sign up to Allergen Accreditation's CODE OF PRACTICE.

Accreditation Application Process: Step by Step:

Step one
  • Allergen AccreditationYour details. NB accreditation is for each outlet.
  • In the event you have a chain of more that one premises and you wish to register please contact us on
Step two
  • Allergen AccreditationGet to know the rules and law concerning allergens and ensure this information is available at your outlet
Step three
  • Allergen AccreditationGet what you need from YOUR suppliers
  • Draft your allergen chart for the food Allergen Handbook based on all the products you sell
Step four
  • Allergen AccreditationMake sure all staff that come into contact with food and drink are trained
  • Identify the number of Allergen Advisors your premises needs, i.e. key people who will interface with customers and your kitchen
Step five
  • Allergen AccreditationConstruct your Food Allergen Handbook- this is the universal name for your ingredients manual/ medium used for consumers
  • Develop your method of signage, communications, and policies including "in the event of ingredient/ allergen changes" to your products
Step six
  • Allergen AccreditationThis only applies to organisations with assisted customers - those patrons who require support in allergen and intolerances
  • INSERT NA (Not applicable) in your application if this section does not apply to you
Step seven
  • Allergen AccreditationYour systems and procedures: Storage, handling, preparation and service
  • This area should become part of you Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system
Step eight
  • Allergen AccreditationMake sure your information is verified, i.e. checked and assessed by a qualified source
  • Make sure you know the law, keep up to date with amendments and adhere to the conditions of this accreditation

Once your application is received:

Allergen Accreditation will then verify your application.  In the event it is incomplete or incorrect we will respond to you and ask that you to re-submit.  We will provide you with advice on where you went wrong.

Once verified you will be subjected to our Pre-Award Inspection Process.  This will be by agreement and is designed to test that you have met with the stringent protocols involved with being accredited.

Following this you will then be entered into the system and you will be issued with your certificate and window decal.


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