Allergen Aware Month 2019

Allergen Aware Month 2019. The more we learn...the better we cater...

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Throughout 2018 the media has been featuring prosecutions and opened the doors to many organisations who continue to flout the EU FIC law.  Public awareness of food safety and allergen failures has caused a huge swell of interest, that will ultimately result in some businesses losing business.

There will be a “strengthening of the regulatory framework” in the UK and Allergen Accredited businesses will adapt any new measures that may come from this.  Likewise, our views (That of Allergen Accreditation’s members) “will be welcome” as part of the Government’s and the Food Standards Agency’s consultations.

About regulations, the EU and where the UK will be in the Spring of 2019.  Let’s be clear-allergen compliance and the law will not go away and if anything with the ever-increasing amount of people with allergies and intolerances WE ALL need to improve our allergen standards and customer service to those affected.  Our goal some years back, and still our mission today, is to make the UK and Ireland global leaders in the safe management of allergens!

Food Allergen Customer Excellence

The community of Allergen Accredited businesses continue to retain the highest standards and are dedicated to supporting all businesses across the UK and Ireland.

In recognition of this we have assembled a brief but useful resource pack to act as a refresher, reminder or to enable a new training and development strategy for your business to ensure you are on track with the safe management of food allergens.

Our Chef Tips (contained in the Resource Pack) are full of useful and practical ideas and be sure to download our Kitchen and Management posters!

The Resource Pack also includes a brief overview of our #OneMcPeakeChallenge where we and 100's of other caterers stepped into the shoes of those with allergies to witness first hand what life is really like.

Whatever type of business you run you do need to be compliant to protect your business and the patrons that you serve.

The management of allergens is a daily task for you.  In January we ask that you look at what you do, how you manage allergens and to get your teams refreshed and alert to this essential part of working in catering and hospitality.

Your mission is to take on board one, two, three or more tasks!  This could be training, reminders to staff, review your supply chain, customer promotion or even find out more about anaphylaxis as part of your emergency policies.   Whatever you do- please share it on Twitter with the hash tag #allerjanuary. Oh, and follow us on @AllergenAwareUK

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To download our (Free to use & share) Kitchen Poster, Management Poster and Resource Pack please click here: 

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