Allergen Aware Month 2024

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Allergy Aware Month in Food Service 2024

Back in 2013 there was very little support and training in the areas of allergen controls and management in food service.  There was however a lot of work being undertaken by the Food Standards Agency who had developed and published the first set of guidance to accompany the new Food Information for Consumers Regulations that came in to force in December 2014.

Allergen Accreditation was conceived at the same time and set about reviewing the laws, how caterers were meant to respond and implement these new regulations and establish a best practice framework for any catering businesses to connect to.

Training was very difficult in those days and content was mostly derived from Australian organisations who had a very good understanding of the key messaging that would be required to train caterers.

Spring forward 10 years and today the UK and Ireland truly have led the way in merging allergens into the normal operating and hygiene procedures expected from professional food service outlets.

Overall, the confidence of food hypersensitive customers, to eat out, has vastly improved and despite no tangible signs of a reduction in numbers of people who present themselves as allergic, intolerant or who have coeliac disease today; we have a better environment for these customers to ask the question about allergens and the sector meets these enquiries with far more professionalism than ever.

Allergen Accreditation is very proud to release its 2024 Resource Pack and Posters and is asking all in food service to take some time out to read though and consider refreshing policies, training and crucially getting up to speed with current developments and the latest technical guidance that we all need to be aware of.

It is packed with useful tips, links and updates as well as news of the near miss campaign which in itself should prompt caterers to adopt a more transparent approach to allergens and what to do when issues arise.  The more we learn.. the better we cater.

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Resource Pack 2024 Allergen Accreditation

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