Allergen Aware Primary School St Mary’s

Allergen Aware Primary School St Mary’s has recently undergone an audit that was part of Nourish Contract Catering’s Primary Allergen Authority Strategy. Which takes the (industry best practice standard) allergen aware scheme across all of its clients.

St Marys RC Primary Allergen Accreditation Certificate

Nicola Gillick, the manager at St Mary’s, pictured here with Julie Waston and David Kearns (Two of Nourish’s Senior Allergen Advisors).

Allergen Aware Nicola Julie David

Nicola and the team presented a professional approach to allergen management. This includes evidencing their Allergen Accredited framework, (detailing their full validated system) that was available in writing for all staff and inspectors to view.

Also providing meals for a neighbouring school.  Nicola ensures the food service is delivered with a full set of menu and allergens in writing. Making certain the recipient school has all the right information!

“A super allergen aware team with a passion for school meals, as well as the safe handling of food allergens "a really great example of Food Allergen Customer Excellence" commented Julian Edwards CEO of the allergy aware scheme.

Allergen Aware Team

Nourish is proud to adopt a strict allergy procedure policy. Whereby safety for customers and staff takes precedent. In each unit, any change of ingredients which leads to a change in allergens, must be recorded in the designated allergen folder, on the ingredient change form.

This form details and new ingredients used by kitchen staff. So that all members of the team have a reference of any updates to recipes. In light of any changes, staff can then take precautions accordingly.

In order to prevent any potential allergy issues, managers will always inform kitchen staff of any changes to ingredients.

Keeping the allergy folder available in each unit, makes it easy for both kitchen staff and senior team members to stay updated on any potential allergy risks. In addition, training for ALL staff is comprehensive and ongoing.

Furthermore, kitchen staff must then address the implications of using new ingredients for consumers. With appropriate labellelling for the consumers to see. As any new ingredient could consequently change the allergen content of recipes.

Allergen Aware Nourish Catering

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