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Whenever you dine out, stay at a hotel or resort, pop down to the café or take the children to their favourite diner, and either yourself or any members of your family have a food allergy or intolerance to some foods and drinks, you will need the assurance that the eatery you choose is Allergen Accredited.

When you visit an accredited venue they will be prepared to provide you with any information about any allergens that might be in the products they sell. This is important, especially for younger children - nurseries and schools are where you place your most valuable possessions every day - are they Allergy Aware?

Wherever you might choose to eat out, in any place that provides food and beverages, these premises must comply with food allergen legislation that came into force on the 13th December 2014 So when you’re next out, look out for Accredited Catering outlets displaying their accredited status. Allergen Accreditad Sticker You can scan the QR code, to link you to the website and help you verify that the venue is indeed Allergen Accredited. You can search the website to look for other accredited outlets also. Get allergy savvy now and when you’re out tell your favourite eatery to go to our website:  and help get them ready Allergen Accredited!!

The Facts: The European Union has enforced new statutory legislation known as “European Union Food Information Consumer Regulations 1169/2011” or EU FIC 1169/2011. This means that all food and drink outlets - stationary or in motion (even for businesses that cater for anyone flying, sailing, or by other means out of an EU member country) - must declare where any of the top 14 food allergens appear on the menu, and/or whether through cross contamination some foods and drinks may contain one or more of these allergens.

The top 14 allergens identified are: Food Standards Agency List of Allergens So why Allergen Accreditation? This scheme has been developed by caterers and experts in the UK who have extensive experience of many different catering outlets. It has produced a framework to assist catering businesses with developing their allergen strategies, and covers many areas of training, knowledge of allergens, the Law, the effects on people with allergies, kitchen management systems, assisted customer support (Nursery/School and infirm) and communication methods for customers.

Members of Allergen Accreditation have to comply with a strict code of conduct regarding allergen consumers and must adhere to the Law.  Therefore this gives you, the consumer, the confidence that a premises is safe to eat and drink at. Allergen Accreditation supports the Anaphylaxis Campaign.  Each business that is accredited ensures that a contribution goes to this charity.

When you see the Allergen Accreditation logo you will be assured that the venue you are at has undergone a rigorous review of its practices and is operating to the highest standards in safe food and drink management. You will also be assured that the premises supports the Anaphylaxis Campaign that relies solely on charitable donations.

What can you do? You can help by spreading the word. Accreditation is inexpensive for businesses who will (after completing the application process) benefit from being listed on the website and proudly display their window sticker and certificate. They will also receive updates and useful links to information sources and training bodies.

Most importantly we want to become one of the biggest regular donors to the Anaphylaxis Campaign and be recognised by you that we have achieved something exceptional for people with allergies, their friends and families alike.

Supporting the Anapylaxis Campaign

Allergen Accreditation

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