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Is Allergen Accreditation just for the benefit of people with allergies? 

NO....Allergen Accreditation tests your operational knowledge of your own food handling, food & beverage service and your ingredients’ provenance.  It is therefore a critical assessment of your business and will encourage you to fully examine all aspects of the products you buy in.

You will also learn about ingredients you would not have considered being relevant, e.g. egg and milk in certain Australian wines or fish used in the making of a certain delicious west country sauce, or sulphites used in the pork products industry.

What about consumers not interested in allergies?

Allergen Accreditation tells all your customers that you know about your foods and beverages, what’s in them and that you have trained personnel who can detail these.

we also welcome questions from consumers and operators.

Please post your question or query to: enquiries@allergenaccreditation.co.uk

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Allergen Accreditation

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