First Allergen Accredited in Ireland

First Allergen Accredited in Ireland with FoodSpace at their client At Abbott Nutrition- in Cootehill, Cavan.



Abbott Nutrition

Dromore West



Client ID Number: AA/00000181

First Allergen Accredited Business in Ireland at Abbott Nutrition from FoodSpace

Apleona, the UK and Ireland Facilities Management and Workspace Company, launched its new FoodSpace division in 2017 to deliver a holistic foodservice experience to customers across the UK and Ireland.

FoodSpace aims to cultivate great relationships with local growers and producers. We seek out suppliers who share our beliefs in quality fresh produce and ethical, sustainable practices in the areas local to our cafes and restaurants. To assist with this process, FoodSpace has already developed a relationship with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) in the United Kingdom

At Abbott Nutrition- in Cootehill, Cavan- Staff are reminded to consult the allergen matrix book on a daily basis to familiarise themselves on the presence of allergens in foods.  Also, the chef, in his pre-service briefing, will highlight whatever allergens are in each item of food on the day.


Indeed, the company’s commitment to ingredient knowledge is impressive! “At our daily menu briefings, each and every one of our front of house team will have tasted each dish. They’ll have learnt about the food stories and the ingredients used to create that day’s balanced menu and they’ll then serve every meal with a ready smile and a willingness to chat about its ingredients, its story and its taste.”

Here the catering facility provides breakfast and lunch to Abbott staff (an infant formula/baby milk factory) as well as a food vending service for evening and night shift staff. We open for breakfast at 9.45 to 11.15 and operate our lunch service from 12.45 to 14.15.

FIRST in Ireland!

The food service operation was audited by Brendon Goodrich who is an award-winning auditor and food service consultant expert.  Brendon is a Senior Allergen Advisor with Allergen Accreditation.

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