First Allergy Aware Outlet in the Country!!

Congratulations to Helenswood Academy

The first Allergy Accredited outlet in the country!!

We would like to congratulate Helenswood Academy on being the first food outlet in the country to achieve an "Allergy Accredited" status. They are always striving for the best standards throughout the school and being allergy aware is another area that they prove to keep up their catering standards, and continue to give the students the very best service. Helenswood Academy

Helenswood Allergy Aware Certificate

Helenswood Academy 2Helenswood Academy achieves excellent examination success, which continues to improve year on year. Students excel in all areas of the curriculum whether it be English, mathematics and sciences, creative and practical subjects, languages or the humanities. Many of our students remain with us to enjoy Parkwood 6th Form, into which we also welcome a large number of new students from other local schools. Most students continue their studies at university in courses as diverse as PE, English or Law. Such a range of talents and interests makes the school a vibrant and exciting place to study for all our students.

Helenswood Academy Allergy Aware

Allergen Accreditation

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