HIVE Allergen Accredited at Lancaster University

HIVE –Lancaster University’s latest unit to achieve Allergen Accreditation

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Health Innovation Campus

Sir John Fisher Drive

Lancaster University




This year has been challenging to say the least. 2020 has been blighted by Covid 19 and all the repercussions from this awful virus. Lancaster University has been a shining light in continuing to ensure that their students with allergies can all eat safely and the staff are trained, knowledgeable and determined to support all their students.

Tracy Lupton –Food Production and Services Manager has continued to ensure that the standards required for the Allergen Accreditation Scheme have been upheld. Tracy is continually checking recipes against products and Allergen files to ensure that any changes have been noted and communication has been shared with the team.

Jacqui McPeake, Senior Allergen Advisor, has worked with Lancaster University throughout their Allergen Accreditation journey and carried out the audit at Hive:

It was exciting to visit Lancaster University on the day before Lockdown 2. We had a Covid safe audit meeting- complete with masks and PPE.

The new unit “Hive” was opened in September 2020- a clean, airy space overlooking fields with green grass and sheep-it nestles in a beautiful part of the University. “Hive” is located on the Health & Innovation Campus and the aim was to ensure this area is a hive of activity to promote collaboration between departments and external medical research companies.

The unit is managed by John Lupton and assisted by Louis Pierce, pictured above.

It is clear that there is great potential for this area to be a busy and popular venue. There is a business lounge available for meetings and hospitality when this is possible.  The menu has been scrutinised by Tracy and her team to ensure that students with food allergies can be catered for safely. The small new shiny kitchen has been well organised to ensure that allergen procedures are adhered to. The stores area is tidy with allergen labels and airtight containers. The allergen files are accurate and are readily available for the staff.

The menu offers simple hot and cold snacks and is open 8.00-3.30 Monday to Friday.

When we discussed the audit, we spent some time discussing the forthcoming pre-order/delivery/collect system which would come into effect the following day. The order system using an app would need to be modified to ensure that any student allergy information would be captured on the system to minimise any risks.

The annual audit including checking the existing Allergen Accredited units-which for Lancaster University is all of them.

Barker House Farm Kitchen which provides catering for residential students was very impressive with allergens remaining a key focus.

There is an Allergen Information wall with all thing’s allergen related highlighted in this space.

I was particularly impressed to learn from Meryl Maynard who is the Unit Manager, that due to a student with a severe fish allergy, a decision had been made to remove all fish and fish derivative products from the kitchen. Meryl meets all residential students personally each new academic year to ensure that all information in relation to food allergies has been discussed and noted. Meryl feels it is important to make sure the students feel safe and secure during their time at the university.

Although a reduced catering service is in operation currently, Tracy is using the time to check all recipes and allergen files for accuracy across the campus.

Lancaster now has a total of 8 units which have all achieved Allergen Accreditation status and it is admirable that during the current Covid situation the focus has not diminished in this area. As the team noted-they are already scrupulously hygienic they are now more rigorous with their cleaning schedules to provide a Covid and Allergen Safe environment

Well done to the team!