Hotelympia 2018 Your questions answered


We are so very excited to be a part of Hotelympia 2018! You can come by the stand: 3579- in the Food Service Show.  (By the Cafe Commerce section!-feel free to bring us a coffee!!)

We'll be there all week and on the Wednesday 7th March, we'll be speaking on Allergens on the Hospitality Futures Stage during the Get Regulated session- we're on around: 1.45pm/2.00pm!

This will be highly stimulating and engaging- not the normal talk on this subject!

You also have the chance to ASK a question which we will then give you the answer on the day.(If you want you can give us permission to say it was from you!)

Please email your queries in advance to or post them on twitter: @AllergenAwareUK

So if you are confused on a particular topic, mystified by something, have an embarrassing question that should be obvious OR have a technical question- let us know!

(If you cannot get there- we'll email the questions/ answers to you)

More info here:

If you did not already know this:

This is the UK and Ireland (the Statutory Instrument (S.I.) No. 489 of 2014 for Ireland) Professional Standard for all catering businesses for the safe management of food allergens.  Any catering business can access our validated framework and apply to have their allergen systems and procedures evaluated and verified.  The scheme covers the EU FIC (European Union Food Information for Consumers 1169/2011 Regulations), Full Allergen Disclosure and Food Allergen Customer Excellence.

Over the years we have raised money from fundraising, corporate membership and conferences and we continue to be avid supporters of the amazing and truly wonderful Anaphylaxis Campaign.