I'm A Considerate Customer

Our PROMISE to you to DO OUR BIT to support bars and restaurants-and actually any place we go to!


We will accept your offer of a sanitizer splash with a smile and with our heartfelt thanks- as well as wash our hands and sanitize often

We can wear masks when entering and moving around (Temporary removal when drinking and eating of course!)- we know what PPE means and we’ll also think of: OPP- Other People's Protection!

We will take advice and instruction from any member of staff

We will observe your rules

We’ll not be bothered by waiting

We won’t be pushing and shoving

We’ll bring any issues to the attention of staff

We’ll observe social distancing

We’ll observe any toilet rules

We will respect the guidelines of the business

We won’t object to things being done differently

We will be patient

We won’t go around touching everything!

We’ll ensure children are kept under control and not be upset if part (or all) of the premises is out of bounds for kids for now- we’ll also ask in advance!

We’ll check first if there is a temporary ban in place or outside only for dogs and horses (don't ask!)

We’ll definitely thank everyone for being brilliant.

We’ll tell all our friends how much we enjoyed your hospitality!


We're all in this together and we’ll come back again soon!

Download pdf of this to print and share here: ImACC

Businesses, customers and everyone can freely use, share, print, make T shirts, face masks the following QR code:

Best wishes from all of us at Allergen Accreditation!!

Twitter: @AllergenAwareUK  #imaccustomer