New Entry Level Accreditation

Bronze/ Entry Level (Self Assessed)

An entry level to Allergen Accreditation can be achieved by the completion of the Accreditation framework.

This achieves the following aims:

  1. The business is working towards and is aware of the industry best practice standard.
  2. Is a precursor to full accreditation.

In order to gain full Allergen Accreditation status an organisation will be required to undertake the submission of the framework/ application form. This is then desktop reviewed and followed up with a physical audit to verify all components of the accreditation have been verified. Support and guidance to attain Accreditation is supplied throughout.

We have now, following several months of development, produced an entry level to Accreditation and a platform for organisations to begin the process of aligning their allergen management to the industry best practice standard.

This is based on a self-assessment approach and allows organisations to work to full Accreditation at its own pace. And in addition to accessing the members support area, clients will also have access to the new online support portal for operators to build their own:

  • Allergen Matrix and ingredient/ recipe system
  • Cloud/ app-based consumer system to access ingredient and allergen information freely and easily
  • Inclusive nutritional information resource and related headings for recipe and menu management

This has been achieved in conjunction with CaterCloud, who have made this resource available to members for free.

Established as “led by the industry for the industry” has now evolved, thanks to CaterCloud who have injected much needed tech support and opened its resources up for the better management of allergens and ingredient information in food service.

Businesses will have access to the members area that includes guidance on becoming accredited and supporting information as well as the latest guidance on PPDS and any new domestic & EU legal requirements.

Use of free resources are available including access to allergen and nutrition software that allows businesses to import their recipes and ingredients to enable the production of allergen data that can be easily accessed by consumers on a cloud-based system.

Businesses can promote membership of this but must state Self-Assessment and or Bronze

Contact us on to get you registered.

You can then progress to the Silver Standard- this includes a desk top review of your self-assessment.  This is charged at £200.00 Plus VAT.  Progressing to Gold (Full Allergen Accreditation) will involve a physical audit and be charged at £600.00 Plus VAT.

You can access the allergen, nutrition, and menu management system today FREE of CHARGE by clicking on the CaterCloud logo below!