#OneMcPeakeChallenge does GOOD!

At the Anaphylaxis Campaign conference in London on Tuesday 18th September 2018, the team from Allergen Accreditation was delighted to be asked on stage to present the money raised SO FAR for the #onemcpeakechallenge to Lynne Regent, ceo of the AC!

Pictured here: David Turney from Bewley's Tea and Coffee who represented the main sponsor team that included CESA, Angles & Cookies, In House Manager as well as Bewley's themselves.

Also pictured are Sophie and Jacqui from the Challenge and, of course, Lynne!

Sincere thanks to our sponsors, all Contributors & Challengers!!

The MyDonate page is still open with all proceeds to The Anaphylaxis Campaign: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/onemcpeakechallenge

The Anaphylaxis Campaign corporate conference was well attended from scientists, the Food Standards Agency and  a multitude of individuals and companies from across the allergen testing, training, support and development fields of allergens in food service.

This has proved to be, yet again, the main event of the year for us in our continued quest for the more we learn... the better we cater... We would urge more in the food service delivery sector to become members!

The #OneMcPeakeChallenge brought caterers and those interested in food to step into the shoes of those with a food/ ingredient allergen to see what daily life is actually like.

Julian, from Allergen Accreditation, who is a chef took out ALL allergens each day until the 14th day when his diet contained none of the TOP EU allergens.  He learned quite a bit and was open about the challenges: Difficulty in asking the question and feeling of imposition when doing so.  Discovery of far more allergens in ingredients otherwise not expected. Missing the tastes and textures especially from wheat and egg containing products.

On the upside- eating at an Accredited outlet was a joy as staff members adhere to the Allergen Accreditation Charter which is based on Food Allergen Customer Excellence- that is what it is for after all!  Loosing a stone in weight.  Discovering alternatives- some of which will remain in his new diet.

The most shocking result was the discomfort and fatigue experienced some 4 hours after consuming sandwiches (Standard wheat based) which suggests a level of intolerance- so this is the end of processed wheat for him!  (He took out wheat & barley a week before the challenge so that was three weeks without his beloved bread!)

More stories, facts and figures will be realeased in due course from our challengers!

Thank you to Lynne, Jo, Bob, Tony and all at the AC!!